Thank you!

Dear Adi and Cat,

Where do we begin? You are not only incredible photographers but you have an uncanny ability to make even the most shy of individuals comfortable in front of the camera. No forced smiles, no robotic stances just a lot of smiles, some laughs through tears and you even caught Aubrey’s Dad dancing! Although we loved the formal shots from our wedding (our family came from all over the country and this was one of those rare times with all of us together), our favorites were the candid pictures. Our nieces enjoyed their first cupcakes at our wedding and in all the excitement of the day, we missed out on it. You caught every moment of fun from the first mouthful of chocolate until the last bit of icing smeared across their chubby cheeks! Your professionalism and patience kept both of us calm and allowed us to enjoy my wedding day. Adi and Cat, we cannot thank you enough for not only driving Aubrey to the ceremony but for sitting with her in the car as she waited to make her big entrance. We can easily say, you two were the only vendors from our entire wedding that were both irreplaceable and indispensable.Thank you so much!

-Aubrey and Josh Dunn

Cat & Adi,

I just wanted to say a big thank you, exactly one year later! on a wonderful night. Looking back on the pictures from out wedding, I couldn't have asked for better photographers! We had such a great day and Adi and the team did SUCH an amazing job making us feel at ease while never missing a moment. We wish you the best and hope to keep in touch,

-Deb Conry

Dear Cadi (like brangelina or tomkat) cat & adi is cadi (in case you haven't figured it out by now hehe)

I just want to say many thanks for making us laugh and feel at ease, thank you for controlling the chaos that goes on during a wedding, thank you for the witty banter, thank you for holding my lipstick, thank you for keeping the energy up and thank you most of all for sharing our wedding day with us! I can't wait to see all the fun photos, too bad we didn't have a video camera to capture the stench someone left for us in the Langham elevator or the shock on our faces when we found you know what shooting in Old Town! That was something special…ahh…the memories! We had so much fun with you both!Love you guys

-Wendy and Victor Chin

Hello our most favorite photographers in the whole wide world. My husband and I wanted to first of all thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding! We were absolutely comfortable the whole day b/c of you two. I know we've said this before, but you truly feel like more than just photographers. You diffused situations, you helped us remain calm and you always, and I mean always make us laugh! We had the time of our lives on our wedding day, but we can honestly say it was even more fun b/c you two were there!!!! We are thrilled to death and are so absolutely ecstatic that you were our photographers. Anyhow, can't wait to see the rest, we are so excited and truly believe that you are the cream of the crop, top notch, most talented photographers ever!!!!!!!!!!

-xoxo stacey and manuel mendoza


I spent literally four hours with our wedding photos last night trying to decide which ones we are going to print and what size. It just made me so happy. I loved the photos! You just really captured how wonderfully beautiful Jaymi is. As she is out of town currently for two weeks, I especially enjoyed looking at your photos. You also did such a wonderful job of capturing photos of my family and the joy of the day. There will be photos that will live on at least a half a dozen homes' walls for a long time. What an incredible gift!!! You are truly talent and I could not be happier that it worked out that we could go through the experience with you!


Next Exit are absolutely AMAZING! They were the first photographers we met with to photograph our wedding. We instantly clicked, but we interviewed three other photographers just to make sure our choice was solid. Next Exit - with their photojournalistic style and our chemistry with them - had raised the bar so much that the others we interviewed didn't even compare! We had a blast taking engagement photos with the husband and wife team, Cat & Adi, on the beach, which was great practice for the big day. Along the way, they were super, super responsive to all my bridezilla questions. On the big day, they were so great to work with! Chemistry with your photographer really does make a big difference. They made it easy for everyone to relax and our wedding party thought they were great! When we saw the pics from our wedding, we about died because they were so beautiful and EXACTLY what my husband and I had hoped for!All my married friends who have seen our photos have commented that they wish they could go back in time and hire Next Exit instead - they're really that great! And many of my friends who are planning upcoming weddings have happily hired Next Exit, too. We'll continue to use Next Exit for all our photography needs - pregnancy photos, kids' portraits, family portraits! Don't skimp on the cost of your photography! It's an everlasting record of your big day and something you shouldn't regret!

-Nanette and Brent

Hiring Next Exit Photography was one of the best investments in our wedding. Not only were Cat and her assistant, Stephanie, a joy to work with, we have incredible lasting memories of our wedding day through their beautiful images. Cat is incredibly personable and puts you at ease, which is important on a day that is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking, too. Cat and Adi treat each of their clients with tremendous care, respect and humor. Their casual demeanor makes them instantly a friend rather than a vendor.Lynn and SteveHey Cat and Adi!Hamilton and I want to thank you for being part of our amazing day!! You guys were incredible. We feel so blessed to have met you both!Can't wait for you to shoot our babies some day!!!:)

-Lots of love, Ham and Erin

I was the maid of honor for my twin sister's wedding in the summer of 2006. I was by my sister's side from the day we met Cat and Adi at their home for the initial meeting to the day she walked down the aisle. Not only are Cat and Adi amazing photographers, but having them share the day with our family was like inviting two more good friends to the wedding.Everyone was thrilled with the end results - amazing group shots (the ones the parents need!), great candids that you remember happening only after you see the photos and pictures of memories that will last a lifetime.

-Xoxo Elizabeth Rosenberg

Great photography was one of the most important considerations for us in our wedding planning, since we knew our photos and wedding album would be what we'd forever look back on. When we asked recently-married friends for wedding photographer recommendations, one friend enthusiastically wrote: "After meeting with Cat & Adi, we not only wanted them to be our photographers, we wanted to take them home with us forever." With that ringing endorsement, we checked out the Next Exit Photography website. It took us about 3 minutes to decide, and we looked no further. Their work absolutely blew us away. The artful quality and candid, storytelling nature of their work stood out far above anything else we've seen. After meeting with them, we agreed with our friend:

Cat & Adi are delightful, warm and funny! (Actually, we could tell by our very first email with Cat that they'd be great fun to work with.) After seeing some of their sample albums, we were sold all over again. Artfully arranged and beautifully made, these are albums you want to go through slowly. They make you laugh and get emotional -- even if you don't know the couple.Adi made us very comfortable during our engagement session -- a challenge, since we'd never been photographed before and felt pretty stiff at first. The book he made of those photos is magnificent.

At our wedding, Cat and Adi zipped through the formals making everyone in the family and wedding party relaxed and happy (they're great with kids!) -- and they came out wonderfully. Throughout the big day they captured every special moment -- from getting ready to the end of the reception -- showing us so much that we never even noticed. The two comments we constantly get from our guests after having seen our wedding photos are: "These are the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen! They captured it perfectly," and "How did they get all of those? I never even noticed them." It's a mystery. Cat and Adi were thoroughly unobtrusive, yet they missed nothing. From the energy of the big crowd shots to the intimacy of fleeting, quiet moments. They even got gorgeous photos of our much-photographed venue (the Walt Disney Concert Hall) that topped any we've seen before. The only problem with so many stunning images is that it was a real challenge to narrow down which ones we wanted for our album! Fortunately we'll get them all on CD too.They were very accommodating with keeping our gallery online for a long time (several extensions) so our guests and we could have extra time to go through them all.

Cat and Adi's work is in a class of its own. Friends of friends whom we don't even know have asked to look at them all after seeing a few images, just because the photography is so beautiful. We'd like to think it's because of us, but it's Cat & Adi's work. We not only got great photography with Cat & Adi, we got two very special people.

-Glenn Camhi & Paul Felix

Adi and Cat! Can I just tell you two how amazing you guys are? We shared our engagement photos with everyone and they said that the pictures look like they were taken straight from a magazine! Thanks for making us look so great! :) We're so excited to have you with us on our big day!



We're back and your husband is a genius, which I'm sure you know and might be boring to hear. But seriously, like, whoa. Everyone has raved about the photos and even the snotty producer-types have been all, "Angles! Lighting! Skillz!" regarding the photography.

-Lauren Rossini

Doug and I had the most PERFECT wedding, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to make our wedding the best day ever.

-XO Bonnie

Dear Adi and Cat,

Thank you soo much! The two of you were wonderful, efficient,creative....We had the greatest time, and are so excited to see your pictures. I think a key factor was that we really like you two just aspeople, so were very comfortable that you would be as meticulous as we would be. We can't wait to see all of the prints and the final book!Thank you again! All of our guests were so impressed! You are such professionals, and we feel privileged to have worked with you during the earlier years, before you guys become mega famous (which we know you will be!).!Talk to you soon!

-Evie and Vince

HOLY SH*T - THESE BLOW MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm just laughing so much at how amazing these look. Cat, you are a genius - the shots are SOOO gorgeous and the processing is outstanding. Thank you so much for the link to the "sneak peek" - I LOVE the photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!Cheers,TamaraHi Cat,I just wanted to thank you and Adi so much for the absolutely magnificent album! Michael and I love it-we take it out every dayto look at it. It turned out better than I ever could have imagined-we have gotten so many compliments on it.Thank you also for being so kind and helpful from the day we met until our album was complete. Michael and I look forward to hopefully one day having you take more pictures of us and our kids (none on the way yet).All the best,

-Anna and Michael