Adi Benner

Adi Benner is known for his exceptional documentary-style approach. He has an innate skill for capturing a couple in almost any environment. From a lush garden to a dark hallway, from an old train track to a florescent fast food restaurant, Adi’s talent for discovering the most beautiful and sincere moments has evoked more than a few bridal tears of joy.

Adi’s sense of humor will charm your guests. He might even say the wrong thing from time to time. His heart and soul are wrapped around the experience you have on your wedding day and the success of your final product might be his biggest obsession.

As a graduate of the USC Cinema School in 1994, Adi focused his studies in photojournalism and environmental portraiture. He is a master at digital processing and retouching, having spent nineteen years mastering Adobe Photoshop and the Creative Suite of programs.