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rain wedding photography

“It’s like [photography in the] rain on your wedding day.” — Alanis Morissette.

Rain on a wedding day? Isn’t it ironic? Probably not, but it does happen. Many wedding couples immediately jump to the conclusion that rain is bad luck, however we have actually found more superstitions that say rain is good luck.  Many cultures say rain on a wedding day is a sign of fertility, cleansing, and/or unity. Even in Los Angeles, it could happen to you.

Having shot over 600 weddings over the past decade +, we have seen our fair share of rain; everything from light drizzles to torrential downpours. The best advice that we can give to our couples is that if the weather report shows rain, roll with it.  You have planned too hard and waited too long to let a little water get in your way. (Of course, if your wedding is supposed to be all outdoors, you better consult with your wedding planner and/or venue on a Plan B.)

When it comes to rain wedding photography on your day, come equipped with your best attitude, grab your polka dot rain-boots and a cute see-through or white umbrella so that color doesn’t reflect back onto your faces. We will get wet if you will, and we will take the very best rainy wedding day photographs while doing it. Rain on your wedding day is just another aspect of your wedding day story and we will tell it, even if it means getting drenched.

Take a look at these stunning photos at Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita. It was pouring ALL DAY LONG and Rita and Wes were game for rocking these rocks with us, rain or shine. Their attitudes typified the Next Exit Photography ideal couple: Relaxed and Ready for anything. We would have never gotten these amazing photos without Rita and Wes’s amazing attitude and commitment to LOVE. Their outdoor garden setting wedding was moved to inside of the restaurant, but they made it work.

rain wedding photography

rain wedding photographyrain wedding photographyrain wedding photographyrain wedding photographyrain wedding photography


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