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Vibiana Weddings

We love Vibiana Weddings! There, we said it. What a wedding photographer wants most out of a venue is versatility. We want to be able to do our best work regardless of time of day, weather conditions and temperature. We want the ability to shoot in lots of different locations and get a variety of looks in any amount of time allotted. Vibiana gives us what we want and more. Our Vibiana wedding photography is always creative and unique.

Next Exit Photography has been shooting beautiful weddings at Vibiana for the past 18 years and as a result, have a clear understanding of the intricacies of the location itself as well as the surrounding areas. Our long standing ability to work with the team at the Vibiana always results in a special and innovative wedding photo experience for our clients. We are proud to say that several of our weddings photographed at Vibiana been published in magazines and blogs around the globe. Shooting at the Vibiana is always a joy.

Getting Ready Photography

The getting ready room at Vibiana is something rather special for a wedding venue. Located on the fourth floor of their property, the fully furnished room is light and airy with plenty of space to accommodate even the largest of bridal party. We have always been able to capture amazing getting ready moments, utilizing the natural light streaming in through the lovely windows and French doors. We have even staged the first sight moment between the bride and groom on the adjoining private balcony, which also has an amazing view of Vibiana, as well as the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.

If you find that you would prefer to get ready off site, there are many hotels located very near to Vibiana property. We have photographed many beautiful brides who choose to get ready at the nearby Doubletree by Hilton (formally the Kyoto Grand Hotel), the Millennium Biltmore Hotel as well as the Hilton Checkers Hotel.

Ceremony Photography

We have photographed every type of wedding at Vibiana, from capacity crowd Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremonies to the most intimate civil wedding ceremonies.

Something that sets Vibiana apart from some of the other Los Angeles wedding venues is that their space can accommodate both outdoor and indoor ceremonies, both in the grandest of fashions. The indoor space photographs like something out of a wedding fairytale. Its classic architecture and colonnade area is open, light and spacious, accommodating every different type of ceremony.

The outdoor space is equally stunning and versatile. Its beautiful garden setting photographs magnificently, regardless of the way that the ceremony site is oriented or the amount of guests in attendance.

Couples, Bridal Party and Formal Photography

For most couples, formals are a very important part of the day. At Next Exit Photography, we try to complete the couple’s family formal request list in an expedient yet relaxing way. Family members have some times traveled from very far away to attend the festivities and we honor their effort by taking the photography of the formals very seriously. With so many options for locations, Vibiana always makes it easy for us to execute the most memorable family portraits.

Our favorite part of the day is easily the bridal party and couple’s photography sessions. Vibiana offers so many options for these photographs. Besides shooting in all of Vibiana’s amazing versatile onsite locations, couples and bridal parties have the option to venture out into downtown to get some amazingly aesthetic urban looks just right outside the gate. If that’s not enough, we have also had couples get onto shuttles and limos, transporting their bridal parties to other locations around Downtown Los Angeles, such as the Disney Concert Hall, Olvera Street and Pershing Square.


You will seldom find a more beautiful event than an event hosted at Vibiana. Gorgeous and grandiose on its own, Vibiana doesn’t need to be accessorized with a ton of flowers and décor like a lot of places. That being said, the Vibana loves to be accessorized with a ton of flowers, décor, and lighting. In fact, the lighting and sound system is built right in! The more the merrier. The space can handle any bride’s vision. Regardless of the amount of times that we have shot at Vibiana, each wedding has had a unique feel and the wedding photography has always matched it’s exceptionality. A spectacular combination of both light and décor, the space has a one of a kind ability to help any couple translate their creative vision into a fantastic reality. All of which makes it very rewarding to photograph.

Again, we love Vibiana.


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